Hoverwatch Best Mobile Phone Tracking Software

Are you anxious about how your kids use their phones? Are you worried about their safety? Or do you want to keep a check on what others do when you hand over your phone to them? Then our free mobile tracker – the Hoverwatch Mobile Tracker is the perfect solution to all your worries!


Why Hoverwatch?

The answer is simple. Because it is the best and the most convenient tool to track all phone activity including SMS, WhatsApp, social channels like Facebook, any other internet activity, call records, etc.

Also the Hoverwatch Mobile Tracker is available for Android, Windows PC and Mac OS X – all three of them.

What does Hoverwatch do?

Hoverwatch cell phone tracker records:

  • SMS
  • Call history and audio
  • Camera
  • Locations
  • WhatsApp
  • Facebook
  • Viber
  • Internet activity
  • Calendar
  • Contacts

Hoverwatch Mobile Tracker – Main Features

Hoverwatch comes with an Invisibility Feature, which ensures that the cell phone tracker will remain completely hidden from the user. This means your kids would never be able to find it out no matter how familiar they are with the phone’s systems. The phone tracker app by Hovrwatch gathers extremely accurate information while being hidden from the user of the Android device.

SMS Tracker

With Hoverwatch Mobile Phone Tracker for Android you get to view each and every SMS and MMS messages sent or received by the user. The SMS tracker also allows you to see and track the images included in MMS messages sent or received by the user. You can view all this directly from your personal account on Hoverwatch.

Who your younger one Calls?

The Hoverwatch Mobile Tracker is the best solution to keep an eye on what your younger ones are doing, who they are talking to and what are their talks all about? The app allows you to record every single outgoing and incoming call.

Spot their location

Is your kid late from school or from his friend’s birthday party? Are you worried about his safety? The GPS mobile tracker of Hoverwatch will help you view the location of their mobile phones and thus spot them. The app uses Wi-Fi signals, cell towers and GPS to track the location of the monitored devices.

Front Camera Photo

Do you want to know who checks your phone when you’re away? Or, what do people do with your phone when you aren’t watching?

Then use the automatic front camera photo feature of Hoverwatch to get your answers. The app takes a photo using the front camera, every time a user unlocks the screen. So, with these photos, you’ll know who got into your phone when you were away!

What if the user replaces the SIM Card?

Will you still be able to record and listen to their calls? Or check their SMSs? Well, yes! The app is efficient of tracking everything that happens on the device even if the SIM card is removed or replaced. Also, you’ll get notified every time a SIM change occurs.

Who SMS when there is WhatsApp?

Yes. Not many people use SMSs any more. But, where’s the issue – when the Hoverwatch Mobile Tracker is efficient of tracking down WhatsApp, Facebook and Viber messages too?

This mobile tracker app allows you to track and save every single message, photo, video or audio recording, that is exchanged in Facebook conversations. You can read all messages sent via WhatsApp.

Protect your kids NOW

Would you still delay protecting your growing, innocent kids? Do you know who calls or texts your kids? Do you know if someone is misguiding them behind your back?

Then, this is the time to know. Join Hoverwatch!

Start with Hoverwatch?

Sign Up for a free Hoverwatch account. You just need to enter your email and set a password to create an account on Hoverwatch.

Prepare Devices

Download and install the Mobile Tracker from your online account

That’s it. With this easy set up, you can now start monitoring all recorded data that Hoverwatch records for you. This will include monitoring calls, GPS, SMS, etc. in your online account.

Visit https://www.hoverwatch.com/ for more information and Sign Up today for keep a track of everything done on your devices!

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